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More Precious Than Gold – MPTG Seminar is a high impact motivation seminar designed specially to help groom individuals who aspire for significance and fulfillment in life through developing a positive self – esteem, self confidence and a dynamic pursuit of goals.

The duration of the MPTG seminar is three days two nights and is usually held in a serene, resort area conducive to the nature and conduct of the seminar.

Why the need for this seminar?

Fundamental thoughts:

  • Along with the fascinating growth of information and technology comes with it the unavoidable impact that makes our already tough and competitive life even tougher, more competitive and more complicated in every aspect of our life.
  • The success of an individual in life does not depend on his or her intellect alone. There are other aspects which are just as important, if not more important, in determining one’s success, such as attitude towards life, thought patterns, habit, etc.
  • Therefore, preparation and groundwork for one’s success in life through positive change is absolutely necessary.
  • This important positive change can be found in this 3 day “MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD” seminar. It is life changing and you may never be the same again, positively speaking.

This seminar is highly recommended for individuals at every level of organization.The methodology used in this seminar is based on ‘Experiential Learning’ where participants experience simulated situations, role plays and self – awareness exercises in familiar and unfamiliar environments.

Many individuals and corporations have benefited tremendously from this seminar. Most of them do not hesitate to recommend it to people / organizations they care about. It is not just a seminar. It is an investment. One of the most valuable life investments one can ever make.